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Garlic Scapes – that early summer treat

Have you run out of your garlic? Or it’s that time of year where the new garlic hasn’t matured yet and last seasons garlic is long gone, consider garlic scapes. Garlic scapes, the flowering part of the garlic plant, becomes a lifesaver in the kitchen. It has a pungent garlic flavour that is amazing. Check […]

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies.

Our garden is healthy when there are lots of earthworms. Earthworms eat bacteria and fungi and excrete worm castings, which improves the texture and health of your soil. What brings earthworms to your soil? Using good farming practices of no-till, crop rotation, and cover crops will encourage worms to come and build homes. The real […]

Gardens Planted – Now What

The garden is planted and some plants seem to take forever to grow. This is a list of things to pay attention to while you are waiting for the garden. Asparagus – compost tea or kelp twice a season. Lots of leaf mulch for the winter months. Basil – compost tea or kelp every 2 […]

Be An Agent of Change

We have watched hours of videos that have been incredible. I have listed some of the names of the presenters. Such recognizable names as Dr. J. Mercola, Dr. E. Ingham, Jeffrey Smith, Dr. Huber, Dr. Carman, Dr. D. Suzuki, Paul Stamets, Game Brown, Dr. A. Anderson, Brian Lancaster, and Dr. Z. Bush These folks and […]

Hudson Creek Gardening Thoughts

It was a huge week that first week of our master gardening course, sorting and resorting, to try to understand the usage of the language and definitions that truly define organic gardening. To date, the fertilizer industry is enormous. In the 1970s, there was a discussion that this industry was not sustainable because so much […]

Hudson Creek Gardening Tips

Just put it in the garden. A voice from the 1800s rocked our world. Reg and I began an organic master gardening course in January 2015. The learnings have been a significant shift in paradigms for us. We are excited about the journey we have started, and we plan to put our ideas down on […]