Our Story

Hi, I am Reg Miller with Shuswap Upholstery.com. My wife, Katelyn, and her sister, Linda, just wrote a book. I am here to tell you why they wrote it and some thoughts about it.

Katelyn starts her new cookbook by saying ‘food was not my friend’. I remember times she often felt best when she didn’t eat. Imagine the dilemma she felt about providing meals that would make us happy. While knowing if she ate too, she would not be well. The option often was to make dinner and leave the room. What has ensued has been a life long quest to find out how to negotiate through the food quagmire.

Over the years we tried all kinds of things, much of it was supplementary, and some things were better for a while. We never guessed that what was at play was that not all foods are good for you. I remember Deb saying, but it’s good for you! Because that is what we believed.

Fast forward to the winter of 2017. Deb, quite by accident, came across the work of Dr. S. Gundry. From his book The Plant Paradox, we learned that not all food was good for you after all. In reading this book, we discovered that what you eat matters, and you get to choose how you will feel today. Change is never easy. We quickly discovered that most of what we ate and thought we loved was on the NO list. And much of what was on the Yes list, I hadn’t developed a taste for.

As it turned out, Deb and her sister Linda decided to make it work. They spent hours in the kitchen, creating options that mimicked the taste and texture of many of our favourite foods. It was so successful that some of our friends began to say, hey, that’s pretty good, you should write a cookbook!

So they did, and here it is.