Linda’s Story

I find the most improvement in this journey has been renewed health and sense of well-being that has come from a balanced approach. Knowing and learning what my gut and body need has been significant for me. I have learned so much about what works for my body. I have noticed that once I dialled down the inflammatory response in my body that I can identify the triggers more reliably, for example, if I eat fresh tomato, the next day, I have swelling and pain in my hands. I have also noticed that grains and dairy trigger the inflammatory response creating pain. The decision to go grain and dairy-free has been very positive for me.

The hardest part before was the cravings and how they dictated my mind and body to chose the wrong foods for me. Since starting with Dr. S. Gundry’s program, I have found my level of health and energy is so much better. I am feeling way better now, and I am happy to make better food choices easily. Having the energy to take on the day, to resume some of my favourite hobbies, like gardening and sewing, I feel has been priceless.

Planning and learning about good food choices and how important it is to grow the kinds of food that I can eat to improve nutrition. Using good land restorative practices to create nutrient-dense food and therefore impacting overall health has been a great journey.

I have found that lectins in foods and chemically sprayed foods do affect my arthritis. Now I know the importance of choosing organic vegetables and live where I can grow a vegetable garden that is brimming with colour and flavours to create a broad selection.

I chose not to eat those foods that I may desire because I know it means that I would need more medications to control pain and inflammation. It makes total sense to me now that what I eat matters to how I look and feel.

I think we finally understand the lies that are told to us by the food industry. I know processed foods do not create health, and that there is more and more information about how detrimental eating processed food is for trying to maintain good health.

This whole process of change has not been easy. I must say with each step, I have seen a significant impact on my health and this has become a great source of encouragement to me. I now know I am on the right path.

Creating a cookbook with modified recipes seemed like the most natural next step.