Hudson Creek Gardening Tips -Your garden needs you.

The whole field of biodynamic gardening opens up all kinds of possibilities. In the book, “Working with Energy” by Heide Hermary pg. 164, “T.C. Singh at Annamalai University in India began studying the effect of music on plants. All plants exhibited earlier flowering and fruiting and increased growth and seed yield by 25% to 60%.” Research demonstrates an understanding of vibrational energy; what we think and feel affects our plants, not just talking to them.

Dr. Zach Bush talks about our body being electromagnetic -the energy created in the vacuum between our cells. One cubic centimetre of our mitochondria in our body will produce 10,000 times more energy than a cubic centimetre of the surface of the sun. We are not biological creatures, as we are quantum physic creatures. We are always emanating a massive amount of energy, and the impact of our vibrational energy in the garden has way more influence than first thought.

The garden needs us, our encouragement, and love.

The role of energy in gardening includes paying attention to the moon phases and planetary events. The moon does far more than affects our tides. My mother always planted and weeded following moon signs, so I have always been open to the concept of choosing when to plant, weed, and harvest. The bounty of the harvest is influenced by the moon and zodiac signs as well; this can impact the storage life of foods.

We don’t live off the food we eat; we live off the energy in the food we eat.” Carey Reams- Reams CA. and Dudley, 1978; Choose Life or Death: The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, New Leaf Press. Dr. Z. Bush states, “Rethink how you eat, how you live, and what it means to be a conscious consumer.”

Here is a list of just a few of the concepts that are generating a lot of interest in the biodynamic field. Gardening is so much more the planting, watering and weeding.

-Waterfalls (moving water) bring positive ions to the garden.
-Curing cow manure in the horn of a cow leaving it in the ground, thereby creating a homeopathic solution that potentiates strong root growth and rich humus.

-Create compost tea using eggshells or comfrey leaves, which become potent synergistic natural fertilizers.

-By using pyramids in structures to grow vine vegetables, this is a similar study of the energy of the pyramids.
-By using positively charged rocks in the garden, this attracts vibrational energy, and the use of rock dust in the composting process adds electrical energy to the compost.

Biodynamic energy is a vast field of study and worth spending some time evaluating. We are acknowledging that all things are interconnected, and we are sharing this world. We, humans, are not to dominate -we share this world with all things plant and animal even down to the earthworms and soil microbes. We have a symbiotic relationship where we exist because all things exist.

When we go to the garden, it is important to let go and spend time being in the quiet, be present with your garden.