Eat 4 Health NOW

You are not feeling well. Now what?

You need to reconsider what that means. The understanding now is that all ill health is rooted in inflammation. The work is to determine what are the triggers of your inflammation. There is lots of information to point you in the right direction. Certainly, processed foods and sugar are at the top of the list. You will find the list is actually much longer than this. Even food that we have been told are healthy for us may indeed become part of your list, foods that are recking havoc in your body.

So what is inflammation? I like to think of it as the fire alarm bells that go off in your house warning you that there is a fire and to abandon ship. Those alarm bells when ignored potentially will bring you to a precipice that can be harder and harder to choose to move and back away. So the dis-ease that you have been suffering with comes with a long list of symptoms and those symptoms need to become your alert or alarm bells.

The next step is to follow Dr. S. Gundry’s program to dial back the inflammation. He has a three day plan that can do that. Shopping habits for the next three to six months to keep that inflammation at bay. During this time you will become aware of the triggers for your ill health and then make choices on a daily basis. Do I choose health and vitality or do I choose to go back to how I was living before.

Each day will bring a renewed time of choosing – how do I want to feel today?

Why three to six months? Because each of us is at a different stage of ill health and only time will determine how long it will take to reach some optimum health. I think usually your intestines will become the greatest teacher in this process, indicating which foods are helping and which are hindering your progress.

Each of us will be able to determine when we can introduce some of the night shade vegetables and the cruciferous vegetables back into our diet. The use of the pressure cooker makes that possible in time. Also the peeling and deseeding of some vegetables will help you determine your tolerance levels for some as well.

It is interesting when you step back and recognize the alarm bells. It can become a motivator to continue to avoid those foods permanently. What works for me may not be exactly the same thing that works for you. There are certainly the guiding principles of the yes list that significantly help in the beginning, that steers you in the right path.