Month: May 2020

Free Organic Fertilizer – make it at home

Make your nutrient-rich fertilizer using comfrey leaves. Comfrey is a perennial plant that can be invasive. I planted mine under the fruit trees as we keep the grass mowed around them, thereby also controlling comfrey plants. Comfrey is a very deep-rooted plant so it brings essential minerals and vitamins up to their leaves. These minerals […]

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies.

Our garden is healthy when there are lots of earthworms. Earthworms eat bacteria and fungi and excrete worm castings, which improves the texture and health of your soil. What brings earthworms to your soil? Using good farming practices of no-till, crop rotation, and cover crops will encourage worms to come and build homes. The real […]

Gardens Planted – Now What

The garden is planted and some plants seem to take forever to grow. This is a list of things to pay attention to while you are waiting for the garden. Asparagus – compost tea or kelp twice a season. Lots of leaf mulch for the winter months. Basil – compost tea or kelp every 2 […]

Ramial Wood

Ramial Wood Mulching There have been many books written about mulching, but not as much said about the usage of deciduous wood. The specific information about ramial wood is fascinating. We had used coniferous tree mulch for our garden paths for years. Cedar mulch actively repels ants and has a nice look. We started using […]