Month: December 2019

Our Story

Hi, I am Reg Miller with Shuswap My wife, Katelyn, and her sister, Linda, just wrote a book. I am here to tell you why they wrote it and some thoughts about it. Katelyn starts her new cookbook by saying ‘food was not my friend’. I remember times she often felt best when she […]

Getting Started

There are two ways to approach making significant changes in your diet: the fast approach, which I think is determined by how dire you feel with your current health and your desire for change. The slow approach gradually moves you toward your long term goals, although this approach likely will take a year or longer. […]

Eat 4 Health NOW

You are not feeling well. Now what? You need to reconsider what that means. The understanding now is that all ill health is rooted in inflammation. The work is to determine what are the triggers of your inflammation. There is lots of information to point you in the right direction. Certainly, processed foods and sugar are […]